Digital and Communication Tools

At&T Firstnet

  • LID Solutions is the only levee management company in Fort Bend County that operates this specialized, emergency communications network.

  • FirstNet allows LID Solutions a continuous communications "Fast Lane" for voice, text, and data with a public-service dedicated wireless connection.

  • This advantage gives our operators and incident commanders priority access, preemption, more network capacity, and a constant resilient, hardened connection.

  • Communication with district directors, engineers, and public leaders will never be delayed or compromised.

  • FirstNet provides an unprecedented set of deployable LTE capabilities available to serve public safety. FirstNet’s solution includes access to hundreds of existing AT&T deployables, strategically pre-positioned with both satellite and terrestrial backhaul capacity to provide coverage wherever necessary in the United States, and in the U.S. territories.

A huge hurricane slams the coast. How can FirstNet help?

  • Provide access to broadband deployables to restore communications so agencies can coordinate response and access to ruggedized equipment.

  • Enable priority and preemption capabilities to provide reliable communications for first responders.

  • Offer consistent access to other resources, such as automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mapping, and enhanced push-to-talk (EPTT) resources.

drone surveillance

  • LID Solutions can supply districts with aerial inspections of their facilities at anytime with our on-staff and FAA licenced UAV Pilot .